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Combining Legal & HR Experience

PractiCali Law provides practical HR and employment law solutions to employers operating in California.  Our approach is inspired from substantive experience in both employment litigation and human resources.  We understand that the law is but one piece of a complex puzzle, and that an organization's cultural dynamics are also important.

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Employer obligations may start even before a job is posted.  Job descriptions, sourcing, interviewing, and offers are all subject to legal risk and scrutiny.  In the home stretch, solid contractual agreements can help prevent chaos down the road.


Independent contractors, salaried employees, and hourly employees all have various protections.  Inaccurate classifications as well as improper payroll practices can lead to heavy monetary penalties. 


The U.S. immigration system can be a maze for business owners to navigate.  A smooth application process requires adequate preparation and saying the right things.  Employers may also want to be prepared in case things don't work out as planned.


Policies set employee expectations, and some may even be explicitly required by law.  Practices may create considerable risk exposure if they either go against policy, are based on improper ones, or exist in the absence thereof.


From the interview stage to even separation, an employer may be required to provide a reasonable accommodation.  Employers face significant monetary risk if they fail to adequately observe these mandated protections.

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As research shows, diverse workforces result in better outcomes; inclusive work cultures foster diversity.  

We advise organizations how to effectively navigate their DEI priorities while avoiding legal pitfalls.


Employee Relations is about creating and maintaining positive employee experiences.  Part of that includes efforts to prevent and address complex conflict that involves substantial legal risk and liability.

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The rules covering the pandemic are constantly in flux, just like the virus itself.  Employers may need to ensure that they're keeping up with local, state, and federal guidelines, as well as their employees' protected needs.

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The law is not the finish line, it's the starting block.

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