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Any California operation that relies on people to achieve its goals


Whether you're a startup or a longstanding operation, employment laws are always a point of consideration for business flow.  PractiCali Law understands the impact that legality can have on a workplace culture, and our counsel aims to find solutions that are practical and human.  Our goal is to remove the law as a barrier so that you can focus on the smooth delivery of your product.

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Nonprofits have a unique challenge of appropriately distinguishing the duties of care between their employees and their clients.  Volunteers are also an important human resource, and the organization's legal duties toward them may substantially differ.  

PractiCali Law is proud to offer discounted rates for organizations holding 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS.  We are committed to lowering the barriers that often prevent nonprofits from accessing adequate HR counsel.

Clients - Nonprofits
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