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01. Contracts & Hiring

Contracts & Agreements

Contracts are everywhere, whether we realize them or not.  Some contracts don't even need to be in writing or signed in order to have full force and effect.  On the flip side, there are some contracts where they must be in writing with specific provisions in order to be enforceable. 


If there's one thing universal to all functioning businesses it's that there has been at least one contract in place.  The types of contracts that are needed / typical of a business will depend on several factors, including, but not limited to, years in operation, industry, activities, needs, extravagance, preference, and so much more.  For each of these types of contracts, interested parties ask themselves:  what's in it (or not in it) for me?  

In the world of employment law, an offer letter is basically like a contract itself.  It outlines what a candidate can expect as an employee, while outlining what the business can expect of the employee.  Depending on the role as well, certain offer letters may require special provisions in order to protect business interests in the long run.  And similarly, company policies can sometimes have contract-like effects, where both company and employee could form expectations based on the policies in place.  

Having an attorney on your side to review contracts can help ensure that your expectations will be met without complication.  A sound review would analyze whether a contract would withstand scrutiny in court should there ever be a legal dispute between the involved parties.


PractiCali Law has delivered meaningful, tailored support for businesses seeking contract assistance.  Our contract advisement can include, without limitation:  

  • Employment Agreements

  • Executive Employment Agreements

  • At-Will Preservation

  • Offer Letters

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Intellectual Property Agreements

  • Competition Agreements

  • Non-Solicitation Agreements

  • Non-Disparagement Agreements

  • Severance Agreements

  • Vendor Agreements

  • Contractor Agreements

  • General Contractor Agreements

  • Entertainment Agreements

  • Client/Customer Agreements

  • Drafting with a human touch

  • Reviewing for business interest

  • Identifying potential surprises

  • Negotiating terms

  • Enforceability analysis

Hiring & Recruiting

An organization's legal employment duties can arise even before anyone is hired.  This is because the world of hiring and recruiting is filled with rules and regulations that are similar for existing employees.  As one of many examples, employers are required to engage in various conversations with candidates who ask for a reasonable accommodation due to disability.  

Even in the last few years, some of the biggest legal disputes related to the pre-employment stage.  Examples of those issues relate to pay transparency, discrimination, and background checks.  

Employers who are seeking to effectively navigate business needs and employment risk during the recruitment process can benefit from working with an employment attorney.  Here are some of the recruiting topics that PractiCali Law can help organizations with:

  • Job Descriptions

  • Pay Band Transparency

  • Exempt/Non-Exempt Classification

  • Hourly/Salaried Classification

  • Internal vs. External Postings

  • EEO language

  • Disability Accommodations

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

  • Disparate Impact

  • Unconscious Bias in Hiring

  • Objective Interview Questions

  • Medical Assessments

  • Pre-Screen Questions

  • Back Ground Checks

  • Credit Checks

  • Employment Authorization (I-9)

  • Interview Structure

  • "Homework" Assignments

  • Candidate Objections

  • Defamation & Reference Checks

  • EDD Reporting

  • Onboarding Notices

  • New-Hire Trainings


Request a Free Intake

Employers seeking contracts and hiring counsel can reach out for a free initial intake consultation.  The goal of our intake process is to get to know you and your needs.  From there, we are able to tailor our advisement to your context and optimize effectiveness.

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