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Privacy Policy

PractiCali Law's Privacy Policy

Below is PractiCali Law's Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") that applies to this Website ("Site") and your usage thereof.  Please note that this Privacy Policy is also incorporated as part of our Terms of Use.  By using this Site, you agree to read, understand, and consent to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.  Your usage of this Site constitutes an indication that you have in fact read, understand, and consent to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.  This Privacy Policy does not apply to information obtained via means other than this Site.  Should an attorney-client relationship be formed, any information we obtain in relation thereto will be governed by the Professional Rules of Conduct and law for the applicable jurisdiction.  

PractiCali Law may, in its sole discretion, modify this Privacy Policy at any time, with or without notice. Any such alterations will be published herein, will have immediate effect upon publication, and will supersede any prior iterations of this Privacy Policy in totality.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform and explain to you (1) how and what information is gathered/obtained via this Site; (2) how we use that information; and (3) whom we share such information with and why.  Please note that any examples provided below relating to these three points are provided for illustrative purposes, and may not exhaustively represent each and every way that points (1)-(3) apply.  

For your convenience and ease of reading, we have broken down this Privacy Policy into bolded subsections and abbreviated headings.  Please know that the arrangement of these sections (and their respective headers) are merely for formatting and ease-of-reading purposes, and that the order in which they appear are not indicative of any implied weight of importance.  Users should understand that all sections of this Privacy Policy are equally applicable to continued use of this Site. 

(1) What Information is Gathered by this Site:
There are two ways we gather information via your usage of this Site: (a) via your voluntary supply of information; and/or (b) via automatic collection performed by the Site's programs and/or algorithms.  Here are the types of information that we may gather through your use of this Site:

(a) Information voluntarily provided by you:

  • Name;

  • Place of Employment;

  • Job Title;

  • E-mail Address;

  • Website Address;

  • Telephone Number;

  • and any other information that you have chosen to supply via correspondence or communication

(b) Information automatically collected by the Site's programs and/or algorithms:

  • IP address;

  • Internet browser application;

  • Pages visited on this Site;

  • The website visited prior to visiting this Site;

  • Duration of visit(s) on individual Site pages;

  • Date and time of visit(s);

  • Search terms/words used on internet search engines that led users to this Site.

(2) How We Use Your Information

Generally, any information that we collect is for the purpose of optimizing the services that we render in relation to this Website and/or any potential attorney-client relationship that could be eventually formed.  The receipt of information via this website does not automatically create any implied or actual attorney-client relationship between any user and PractiCali Law or its attorney(s).

(a) Information voluntarily provided by you:  We may use any information that you voluntarily provide via this website for the following purposes:

  • Assessing whether an attorney-client relationship may be appropriate between user(s) and PractiCali Law (or attorney(s)), which may include, without limitation, performing a check for any potential conflicts of interest;

  • Assessing whether PractiCali Law is able to reasonably refer a user to another attorney, and then potentially/actually making such a referral;

  • Registering/signing you up for any of PractiCali Law's mailing list(s), newsletter(s), and/or blog(s);

  • Communicate directly with users via the contact information provided. 

(b) Information automatically collected by the Site's programs and/or algorithms:  We may use any information that this website automatically collects for the following purposes:

  • Statistical analyses relating to the usage of this Site;

  • Quality assurance relating to usage and functionality of this site.

(3) Whom We Share Your Information With and Why

PractiCali Law may also share/disseminate the information collected through this Site to:

  • Third party vendors who have been retained for the purpose(s) of improving our services and/or website functions;

  • Law enforcement or other government agencies/agents for the purpose of complying with law;

PractiCali Law does not sell or exchange for consideration the information obtained through this Site.


This Site, and any third party vendors who are responsible for operating this Site, may use “cookies” to further or enhance any of the objectives of use identified above in section (2).  A cookie is like an electronic identification card that gets assigned to you when you visit a website.  More specifically, a cookie refers to a file that a website generates and sends to your internet browser, which is then saved on your browser's computer/electronic device; any subsequent visits to the same website by the same computer and browser can be analyzed and tracked through recognition of the cookie.  

Users are able to customize their browser settings to reject or remove cookies.  Users who do not permit or remove any cookies from this Site may experience reduced functionality.

Social Media Links and Other Links Provided on this Site

Throughout this Site, you may find links that take you to third-party websites (for example, social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).  This Privacy Policy does not apply to those third party websites.  Thus, PractiCali Law does not endorse or make any representations or warranties concerning your cyber security or any potential harms that may result from your visit/usage to the third party websites linked on this Site.  ​Any information you provide or submit to those websites are done so at your own risk, and PractiCali Law cannot be held responsible for any potential damages or harm relating thereto.

Children Under the Age of 13
This Site is intended and designed only for the use of persons over the age of 13 years.  PractiCali Law does not knowingly collect and/or share information about any person under 13 years of age.  Any users who do not meet this age requirement must not register for any of the Site's services or subscriptions, and must not submit any information.

No Warranty of Absolute Security

PractiCali Law acknowledges that cyber security is an ongoing priority, and that each day every website on the internet is at risk for security breaches.  PractiCali Law's cyber security efforts are primarily carried out by third party vendors such as, for example, website service vendors and cloud service vendors.  PractiCali Law also employs reasonable internal processes to safeguard user information.  Users of this Site understand that any information obtained via this Site, as outlined herein, may be subject to cyber security risks; users assume said risks, and PractiCali Law cannot be held responsible for any damages relating to cyber security breaches. 

California Do-Not-Track Disclosures (CalOPPA)

This Site does not respond to Do Not Track requests.  A Do Not Track request is a setting that you can turn on or off in your internet browser.

Users Accessing this Site from Outside of the United States
If you reside outside the United States, any information that you may provide or is automatically gathered via this Site will be transmitted out of your country and into the United States of America.  Users who do not wish for such information of theirs to leave their country should not provide such information and should leave this Site.  Otherwise, users of this Site consent to the transfer of information to the United States.

Applicable Law
To the maximum legal extent possible, and to the extent of consistent application of this Site's Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of California.  Any conflicts and/or disputes arising from this Privacy Policy shall be resolved as prescribed in our Terms of Use.  

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please reach out to  

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