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04. Policies & Practices

Policies & Practices

Not only do policies provide structure to organizational operations, they represent to the whole world how the organization handles various important topics.  Well-crafted policies add credibility to an organization while protecting against potential claims.  With regard to the workforce specifically, policies tell people how to act while on or off duty.

Policies can and should exist everywhere throughout an organization, whether applicable to an entire company, select business units, or an individual role.  They set expectations between employee and employer, and can be the driving distinction between a painful or a smooth business workflow.  Absence of policy could lead to presumptions of employer fault, especially in the realm of the employment relationship.

Of course, company policies are only as good as how they're put into practice.  Misalignment between policy and practice can lead to claims of discrimination, retaliation, negligence, and employer bad-faith.

Effective workplace policies and practices will balance several factors such as culture, specificity, flexibility, and risk mitigation.  Here are some examples of where PractiCali Law helps organizations create, review, and interpret their policies and practices:

  • Employee Handbooks

  • At-Will Employment

  • Required Postings

  • COVID-19 Programs


  • Arbitration Agreements

  • Anti-Harassment, Discrimination

  • Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Recruiting

  • Background Checks

  • Employee Trainings

  • Disability Accommodations

  • Codes of Conduct

  • Working From Home / Remotely

  • Wages & Working Hours

  • Rest & Meal Breaks

  • Employee Files & Records Retention

  • Litigation Holds

  • Communications

  • Social Media

  • Time Off / PTO / Vacation

  • Whistle-blowing

  • Anti-Retaliation

  • Privacy & Security

  • Facilities Accesses

  • Confidentiality

  • Performance

  • Discipline

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Travel & Expense

  • Benefits

  • Safety & Workers' Comp

  • Onboarding & Exiting

  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

  • Immigration / Sponsorship

  • Employment References

  • Dress & Attire
  • Drugs & Substances
  • Investigations
  • Industry-Specific Policies
  • Function-Specific Policies

Request a Free Intake

Employers looking to create or revisit their policies can reach out for a free initial intake consultation.  The goal of our intake process is to get to know you and your needs.  From there, we are able to tailor our advisement to your context and optimize effectiveness.

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